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* in French

Trained at the Drama Centre London : BA Acting (1st class)

Hair : black Eyes : hazel Height : 5′7 »
Languages : French (bilingual), Spanish
Dance : Ballet, contemporary, basic flamenco, basic ballroom
Musical instrument : Piano
Vocal range : Alto
Special skills : Skiing, aïkido, basic horse-riding, basic archery


Theatre :
- L’éloge des araignées* by Mike Kenny (translated by Séverine Magois), directed by Simon Delattre (Rodéo Théâtre / national tour)
- Gaïa* by Dominique Lardenois, directed by Dominique Lardenois (Camion à Histoires / festival de théâtre pour enfant du Théâtre Monclar)
- Je suis le contrepoids du monde * by Karin Serres, directed by Anne Courel and Benoit Vermulen (tour in France and Québec)
- Les yeux de Taqqi * by Frédéric Chevaux, directed by Cédric Revollon (national tour)
- Any Given Day * by Linda McLean, directed by Blandine Pélissier (Théâtre du Lucernaire, Paris)
- A slight ache * by Harold Pinter, directed by Valère Foy (Théâtre de Ménilmontant, Paris)
- Les reines * by Normand Chaurette, directed by Laurent Courtin (Château du Tertre, Normandie)
- Comme il est blond ! (ou De toutes les couleurs) * by Guy de Cointet (adapted by Hugues de Cointet and Yves Lefebvre), directed by Yves Lefebvre (Palais de Tokyo)
- La très brillante artiste Huzo Lumnst présente son travail * by Guy de Cointet, directed by Yves Lefebvre (galerie Air de Paris, Centre George Pompidou)
- La princesse et l’homme sans cœur * by Laurent Rogero, directed by Jean-Pierre Rigaud (tournée en Ile de France)
- Vengeances & Cie * by Jacques Rebotier, directed by Joachim Serreau (Théâtre 13, Paris)
- Catherine in Les muses orphelines * by Michel Marc Bouchard, directed by Emmanuelle Sliman and Jason Ducas (Théâtre de Bligny)
- Iras in Anthony and Cleopatra * by William Shakespeare, directed by Noël Casale (Théâtre de la Tempête, Cartoucherie de Vincennes)
- Woman in After Liverpool * by James Saunders, directed by Isabelle Kérisit (Théâtre Maurice Ravel, Paris)
- The Narrator in Le Petit Prince * adapted from Saint-Exupéry, directed by Sean Aita (Vienna’s English Theatre, Austrian tour)
- Tina in Le paradis sur terre * by Eric Durnez, directed by Jean-Clause Drouot (Théâtre du Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées, Paris)
- Chorus in Le cadavre encerclé * by Kateb Yacine, directed by Chritophe Labas-Lafite (Théâtre au fil de l’eau,Pantin)
- Inès in In Camera *, by Jean-Paul Sartre, directed by Sean Aita (Vienna’s English Theatre, Austrian tour)
- Yasmina in Madame Huguette et les souches *, written and directed by Julius Amédé Laou (Théâtre Montmartre-Galabru, Paris)
- Ismene in Phaedra, by Jean Racine, directed by Christopher Fettes (Concentric Circles, Riverside Studios)
- The Woman in This is the blood and body, written and directed by James Leadbitter (Soho Theatre, Studio)
- The Nomad in Twelfth Night, adapted from William Shakespeare, directed by Luke Dixon (Theatre Nomad, Gulbenkian, Canterbury)
- The Maid in The Lesson *, by Eugene Ionesco, directed by Sean Aita (Vienna’s English Theatre, Austrian tour)
- Chorus in Iphigenia at Aulis, by Euripides, directed by Timothy Ackroyd (Icarus Productions, Etcetera Theatre)

Sarah also has an extensive experience in corporate theatre, both in French and in English.

Feature film :
- Paula in Night Windows, directed by Robert Bella (an IPA production)

Television :
- Dr Leigh (an American eyes surgeon) for E=M6, directed by Sophie Cleyet-Marrel (Link Production)

Short films :
- Monsieur Lapin *, directed by Pascal Cervo (Spoutnik Productions)
- Nathalie (friendly and lively cashier, panicky when taken hostage in a robbery) in Closed *, directed by Lewis Cuthbert-Aston (Purple Productions)
- Corinne (vivacious and down to earth shopkeeper) in A vous *, directed by Alexandre Lefèvre
- Judith (introvert pianist) in The hat and coat, directed by Chris Allsop (Avalanche Productions)
- Clandestine (improvised midwife) in After the border * by Christophe Cousin and Sylvain Foucher (Trafic Films)

Voice-overs * :
-French audio-guided tours of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, the Wallace Collection in London, the New and Old Munich Art Galleries, the Museum Rietberg, Switzerland, and various European temporary exhibitions
-Various corporate videos

Corporate theatre :
Sarah was a founding member of Co‧théâtre and has a strong experience as a facilitator on subjects such as inclusion, gender equality in the work place, management and interpersonal communication.
She also acts as Mistress of ceremony for cultural and corporate events.


Education :

- Master in literary translation (from English into French) – University Paris VII
- DEA Sociologie du Droit (MA in Legal Sociology) – University Paris II,
- LLB in English and French law – King’s College London / Sorbonne

Professional experience :

- Translator (see relevant section of this website)
- Corporate facilitator
- Tour guide in the Sewers of Paris